Design mentorship

Reach your full potential

Pivoting a career to UX design? Or do you want to become a better designer but do you miss guidance? I can help you out! After your mentorship program, you will feel creative confidence, gained new insights and are able to take the next step.

As a design mentor I support you in your challenges and I help you to grow professionally. You can think of the following topics:

  • Guidance in your learning journey as a designer

  • Discussing a concrete approach on how to achieve your goals

  • Feedback on your portfolio and resume

  • Support during your creative process

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Design mentorship

How mentorship can support you

Growth, guidance and creative confidence

Develop your skills

Gain insight into how a senior UX designer thinks and works. As a mentor, I will recognize your blind spots and help you accelerate your growth. I have supported mentees to improve their skills in UX design, visual design and teamwork.

Clarity in learning

It’s overwhelming to learn from the insane amount of information on the web. I help you identify and prioritize what you need, based on your ambition and dreams. With me as your mentor, you will learn things you don’t find in books or courses.

Creative confidence

Boost your confidence in your creative process with support and advice from me as your mentor. Learn how to make decisive design decisions, how to present to clients and work more productive.

How it works

Good to know


Free intake (1 hr)

During the free intake, we will talk about your background and learning goals. We will also talk about our collaboration and set milestones if needed.

Personal development plan

After our intake, I will create a personal development plan tailored to your learning goals and situation. This framework will support you in your learning journey.

Reach your full potential

Time to put in the work! In our (bi-)weekly sessions we will talk about your challenges, you will receive assignments and I will give guidance every step of the way.
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Simon had put a lot of thought into the structure of our sessions and it was clear he was passionate to deliver beneficial exercises in a fun and engaging way.

Olivia May Herbert — UX Designer

What you’ll get

Let's cut to the chase

In every step of your learning process, I will be by your side to give guidance and trust. In our intake session, we will discuss in-depth what you need and how we can collaborate in the best way possible.

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Mentorship plan

Long term mentorship plan tailored to your goals


Inspirational resources curated for your level

1:1 sessions

(Bi-)weekly 1-on-1 session for inspiration, feedback and guidance

Design feedback

In-depth resume review, portfolio and design critique

Hands-on work

Exercises and side projects to practice your skills


Stay in touch via WhatsApp or email in between our sessions

What you can expect from me

Quick and efficient to the core

Others say that I am a good listener and I see that as a compliment. During conversations, I manage quite quickly to distinguish main issues from side issues. That is to your advantage because it will help us get going more quickly.

Positive and constructive feedback

I provide you with clear advice so that you can continue immediately. But the things that go well are just as important in my view. That is why I will always mention what goes well and what you can be proud of. Feel free to give me feedback too, win-win!

Honest observations

By mirroring your behavior, I can give you insights that you may not want to hear. But it is precisely this, sometimes painful, uneasiness that allows you to grow as a person and as a professional. So always expect an honest answer from me because I want what’s best for you.

Openness and equality

We engage in dialogue based on mutual respect and challenge each other with healthy discussions. By being open about what we think and feel, trust is created and we can help each other better. I approach our conversation from equality and without judgment.

A little bit more about me

Let’s not be strangers

Hi! 👋 I am Simon van Acht and I live in Utrecht (The Netherlands). I’ve always been curious about people’s drives, dreams and fears. This curiosity is the foundation of my work as a designer and design coach.

I’ve been told that I make prototypes faster than my own shadow. I switch very quickly between my head and gut feeling. Also, you can listen to how I see and experience things in the design field in my podcast ‘Aandacht‘ (Dutch).

In the digital design field, I have worked in various roles for more than 10 years. At digital agencies in permanent employment, but also as a freelance designer for great brands. My dream came true when I was allowed to do an internship at a design agency in New York. During my studies at Hyper Island in Stockholm, I also learned everything about group dynamics, self-reflection and leadership.

I would like to utilize my knowledge and experience to help you become a better designer.

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Simon provided insight and guidance with the help of theories but also through practical examples. Really educational, and he made me even more enthusiastic about the field of design!

Hans van Poppel — UX/UI designer

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Any questions?

No worries, I’ve got you covered

What software is used for the 1:1 sessions?

If the sessions can’t be held in person, we will be using Google Meet. If this is not convenient for you, we can use other software. For example Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No. I am not recording the sessions because I treat the conversation with you in confidence and want to guarantee our privacy. However, I can imagine that you would like to listen to our conversation later. So if you would like to record our session for that reason, please let me know in advance.

I am looking for an in-house mentor for our design team. Do you have experience with that too?

For sure! In my role as UX Lead at ABN AMRO and Sunweb Group, I supervised a team of designers. With my knowledge and experience in group dynamics, self-reflection and leadership, I also support teams to be more productive and work better together. Feel free to contact me for the possibilities!

What happens if I have to cancel the a session last minute?

That’s too bad! We would then have to reschedule for a date and time that’s convenient for both of us. If you do not show up or cancel less than 24 hours in advance without the situation being beyond your control, I unfortunately cannot refund the full amount.

Can you send an invoice for the mentorship program?

Of course, no problem! We can talk about these arrangements during the intake.