My experience of working in the digital industry has enabled me to define values that I strongly believe in. These values allow me to get the most out of every project and collaboration.


Empathy always wins

I’m someone with the curiosity to constantly learn more about how people interact with digital products. How do you expect something to work? How does it (make you) feel? I can drive people crazy by asking ‘Why?’ all the time, but I just can’t help it.


True passion and perseverance

It’s quite unimaginable for me to give up. I have a passion that I can hardly explain, that is why I put it in the things I do. A process can sometimes affect me too much, but that’s something I’m trying to improve. I always try to make the most of it.


Team is everything

Working in a multi-disciplinary team sparks imagination and takes things to a whole other level. No problem or brief can beat awesome group dynamics! I see it as my responsibility to contribute to the team spirit so that everyone is doing okay and is being productive.


It’s all about people

I’m a strong believer in user-centered design. In the end it is always about people and what they need, expect, fear and desire. As often as I can, I base my work on insights from conducting usability tests and interviews. I always stay in close connection with the people I am designing for.


Experience-based learning

Life would be boring without failing. Through reflection on our failure, we learn and grow. Over the years I have learned that it is an opportunity to learn when you’re not feeling comfortable with a process or situation. I have developed the right tools to get the most out of my personal development.

Details matter

Details can make the design stand out and enhance the user experience. That’s why I’m a true perfectionist when it comes to crafting user interfaces. Being a perfectionist doesn’t always allow me to see the bigger picture, so it is crucial for me to take a few steps back from time to time.