Here's what I'm up to right now

A little behind the scenes of all the things I'm doing at the moment. Tids and bits from projects and personal things – all uncut and raw. Feel free to check back as I upload more.
Last updated: Saturday, 19th of June 2021

What I’m working on

Behind the scenes

My creativity knows no limits. I love to express myself in multiple ways: design, photography, writing or speaking. Feel like we could work together on a project? Please reach out!

  • 👨‍💻 Creativity time

    After my time at Sunweb as a freelance UX Research & Design Lead, I felt the need to spent more time working on my own creative projects. Currently, I’m working on several projects in my studio in Utrecht, which includes my poetry bundle and photography.

Daily habits

Things that ease my mind

It’s easy: I need structure in my life in order to keep my mind at ease. Through trial and error, I found out what works for me in order to stay healthy. Mentally and physically.

  • 🧘‍♂️ 500+ consecutive days of meditation

    I can really say that meditation became part of my daily routine. I’m using the app Headspace for guided meditations during the day and before going to bed.

  • 🙏 Uncountable notes of gratitude

    Started in December 2019 to practice gratitude on a daily basis. Each day, I write a note (or more) of things I’m grateful for and put it in a glass jar.

What’s on my mind

Because I can't stop (over)thinking
  • 🤔 Self-reflection

    Lately, I can’t help but notice that I’m thinking a lot about my past projects. Especially which ones gave me energy and which ones didn’t. This way I can pinpoint what the deciding factors are to do my job with satisfaction and fun.

Did you know this?

Fun facts for a great conversation starter!
  • 🤳 I have an Instagram filter

    As an experiment, I created an Instagram filter that reflects my style of photo editing. If you use it, make sure to tag me in your photos!

  • 📸 Photo feature in a National Geographic calendar

    A few years ago I competed in a photo contest from National Geographic Nederland. I didn’t win, neither did I hear anything from it since… Until I received their 2020 calendar in the mail, with my picture featured in it! The picture was taken in the Daintree rainforest (Cairns, Australia) during my world trip.

  • ✍️ I write poetry

    Every now and then I write poems in Dutch about things I experience. This can be about anything. Feel free to have a read!

Let’s start the conversation

I love to hear what you are up to! Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about something.

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