Here's what I'm up to right now

A little behind the scenes of all the things I'm doing at the moment. Tids and bits from projects and personal things – all uncut and raw. Feel free to check back as I upload more.
Last updated: Monday, 8 February 2021

What I’m working on

Behind the scenes

My creativity knows no limits. I love to express myself in multiple ways: design, photography, writing or speaking. Feel like we could work together on a project? Please reach out!

  • 👨‍💻 UX Research & Design Lead @ Sunweb

    Currently working as a freelance UX Research & Design Lead at Sunweb. Sunweb offers summer package holidays, winter sports deals, hotels and all-inclusive holidays. I am leading the research and design team, advocating user-centered design and supporting the product owners with UX strategy.

Daily habits

Things that ease my mind

It’s easy: I need structure in my life in order to keep my mind at ease. Through trial and error, I found out what works for me in order to stay healthy. Mentally and physically.

  • 🧘‍♂️ 400+ consecutive days of meditation

    I can really say that meditation became part of my daily routine. I’m using the app Headspace for guided meditations during the day and before going to bed.

  • 🙏 Uncountable notes of gratitude

    Started in December 2019 to practice gratitude on a daily basis. Each day, I write a note (or more) of things I’m grateful for and put it in a glass jar.

  • 📷 Creative photography

    Each week I take some time to explore visual storytelling by taking self-portraits. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot them in my Instagram stories.

What’s on my mind

Because I can't stop (over)thinking

Even though I’m a sensitive person, I’m processing everything I see, hear and feel inside. So yes, sometimes it’s pretty busy inside my head. Here are some things that are on my mind right now.

  • 🤔 Design Leadership

    While working on my personal branding, I’m shaping the story I want to tell more and more. Things are falling into place. Even though I’m struggling to find the right words, I trust the process.

Did you know this?

Fun facts for a great conversation starter!
  • 🤳 I have an Instagram filter

    As an experiment, I created an Instagram filter that reflects my style of photo editing. If you use it, make sure to tag me in your photos!

  • 📸 Photo feature in a National Geographic calendar

    A few years ago I competed in a photo contest from National Geographic Nederland. I didn’t win, neither did I hear anything from it since… Until I received their 2020 calendar in the mail, with my picture featured in it! The picture was taken in the Daintree rainforest (Cairns, Australia) during my world trip.

  • ✍️ I write poems

    Every now and then I write poems in Dutch about things I experience. This can be about anything. Feel free to have a read!

Let’s start the conversation

I love to hear what you are up to! Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about something.

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