Philips reinforces leadership in image-guided therapy solutions with the global launch of a next-generation Philips Azurion platform. The brief was to come up with a digital experience that would allow users to explore the product and the story behind it.

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Lead User Experience & Concept

Philips Azurion: Interactive Tour

In the concept phase we came up with the idea of an interactive tour, a way for users to explore the product in an immersive way by combining a 3D environment with video. We developed a tour that had a clear beginning, middle and end. Since the target group of the Philips Azurion exists of medical staff from different clinical specialties, we had to take this into account. That’s why we made it easy for the users to switch the configuration, without losing track of their progress during the tour.

Immersive experience

The 3D overview of the exam room and control room provide an immersive experience of the Philips Azurion. The user gets a complete overview of how the product works and the hotspots provide the right information about the functionality.

Easy onboarding

By asking the clinical specialty of the user (surgery, interventional radiology or interventional cardiology) we can immediately present them with the Azurion configuration that fits their needs.

Intuitive navigation

The hotspots trigger the user to explore the Philips Azurion. By using modal windows and a user-friendly navigation on the right-hand side, the user has all the tools to explore.

Satisfying content

The interactive tour is provided with strong content that shows the benefits of each function. Depending on the configuration and clinical specialty, the right content is served to the user.

Explore mode & Story mode

We wanted to create an experience that would offer multiple ways to explore the new Philips Azurion. The interactive tour could be experienced at home, or at an event. That’s why we chose to go for an Explore mode and a Story mode.

Explore Azurion

The Explore mode is a perfect way to see what the Philips Azurion can do. By using hotspots for each functionality, we created a multi-layer experience that allows users to read more about the product. Together with rich video and image content, it gives an in-depth look at Philips Azurion.

Get the story

Peers are important for people that work in the medical industry. That’s why we created the Story mode, a documentary-like video that lets other people explain how their experience with the product is. During the video it’s possible to explore the context of certain functionalities by using the hotspots.

More than just a microsite

It was our goal as a team to not only create just a microsite, but one that people would remember. During the process we realized that in order to get the client on board with our ideas we had to use motion design. A lot of functionalities in the interface needed clear feedback for the user to understand. I was in charge of developing prototypes that included our ideas for UX and motion design. This was during the design phase so I used a combination of Photoshop and Principle to create the prototypes.

Users can easily switch configuration
Having a user-friendly image gallery was crucial for the experience
The onboarding is important because it’s defines the rest of the experience

Visual design

We developed a functional user interface and therefore it seemed logical that the design would follow the same path. Of course we had the Philips visual guidelines to follow but we never let a chance untouched to use our creativity and design a better interface.

Keeping track of progress

The numbers of the hotspots in the exam and control room correspond to the numbers in the menu. The user has different ways of navigating through all the functionalities that the Philips Azurion has to offer. Once the content of a hotspot has been viewed, the hotspot turns green so it is clear that the user has visited.

If the user decides to navigate to another configuration, the progress is the current one is being saved so that if the user returns, there is no need to start over.

Explore content seamlessly

By using modal windows we create a seamless content experience that allows to user to quickly browse all the hotspots that are available. There is no actual feeling of a page refresh which speeds up the navigation process.

Every hotspot is filled with rich video and image content, which gives the user a great impression of the product and functionality.


Since the launch, the Interactive Tour had thousands of users and gained more leads than expected. A noteworthy achievement in the B2B sector of medical systems. In addition, the tool enjoys a great deal of appreciation from the Philips sales team due to its pragmatic character and powerful visual explanation. The Philips Azurion Interactive Tour was also nominated for a DIA (Dutch Interactive Award) in the B2B category.

Team is everything

Stephan Kleian, Simon van Acht

Project management
Ariën Westmaas

Art Direction
Stephan Kleian

Lead UX
Simon van Acht

Visual design
Mitch Ohello, Johnny Heijne

Creative supervisor video
Jos Leene

Tiemen Glastra, Daniella Cocco

Roel de Wildt