With around 80 million passengers each year, it takes a flawless operation and continuous innovations and improvements to successfully run Schiphol Airport 24/7. This also includes all digital touchpoints. To support the scrum team that works on Parking, My Schiphol and Privium, I was hired as a UX designer.

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Royal Schiphol Group

Senior UX Designer

3 months


Optimizing the reservation process

Parking is one of the most important domains of Schiphol Airport. Around 60-70% of revenue comes from parking products. Most parking products offer an online booking, and therefore, the parking booking tool on the website is one of the most important channels to gain conversion. In my role, I was working on optimizing the booking process by:

  • Setting up A/B tests with CRO specialist
  • Usability improvements based on data and research
  • Collaborating with the mobile app team (in-app bookings)
Schiphol parking

My Schiphol

Personal online Schiphol space

With My Schiphol, users can save their number plate, drive-in method and other details for smoother take-offs. It is now mostly focused on offering ease in the parking domain – especially for Privium members – but aims to provide more value in the future.

My Schiphol - New functionalities

New functionalities

In our continuous effort to provide as much value as possible, we frequently launched small (and big) new functionalities in the My Schiphol space. Such as creating an account (for all users), managing your parking reservations and changing your account.

My Schiphol - Flow


Because My Schiphol is constantly changing, it was important to make sure that all the flows would be consistent and user-friendly. We made sure that all scenarios were covered.

My Schiphol - Information architecture

Information architecture

Since My Schiphol is both for Privium members and parking customers, it was crucial to have a clear information architecture. In my role, I looked at the URL structure and information architecture to make sure that My Schiphol is ready for the future.

Schiphol - My Schiphol

We know Simon as “that proactive UX designer that can handle any challenge you give him”. Simon is a joy to work with and on a personal level an open colleague that’s always there when you need him. He’s a wonderful addition to any mature team that’s in need of a proactive UX Designer.

Poyan Karbor — UX Lead @ Schiphol Airport

Digital strategy

The future of My Schiphol

My Schiphol is the perfect digital space for all travelers coming through Schiphol Airport. To support the organization, I wrote a digital strategy on how to provide travelers a relevant digital experience by segmentation and personalization. Through visual concepts, I made it clear how My Schiphol could work in the future and tie into the vision of Schiphol Airport in general.

My Schiphol - Digital strategy
My Schiphol - Digital strategy slides

WiFi at Schiphol

A personalized experience

With the introduction of Cisco DNA Spaces (location-based) wifi at the airport, there is an opportunity to make the wifi landing page more relevant for travelers. The brief was to design a relevant wifi landing page that supports travelers during their journey at Schiphol. The concept was a wifi landing page that shows relevant information based on the scenario of the user (e.g. departing/arrival/transfer) and location/time when visiting the wifi landing page. For this project I did:

  • Desk research and interviews at the terminal
  • Concept development and interaction design
  • All in close collaboration with digital analyst and product owner


Mobile visits

2,6 million

Monthly sessions


Departure lounge connections


Product owner
Sander van Tienhoven

Scrum master
Lotte Kleijssen
Nicoline van Leeuwen

Visual design
Claudia Aio

UX Design & Strategy
Simon van Acht

Jeroen Visser
Mark van Duijker
Ischa Gast
Berkay Papila