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Hi! I'm Simon, a freelance UX designer. I connect business goals and user needs by creating intuitive and clear (digital) experiences

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Digital product design

Simply put, I’m in the problem-solving business. With every challenge, I immerse myself in the world of the business and the user to fully understand the problem at hand. It is my mission to create digital experiences that people want to use every day and that delivers the desired result for the client.

Digital strategy

Everything starts with the bigger picture. I support brands in their need for direction. Connecting the business goals with user needs by defining what, how and when they communicate and interact with each other is the key to success.

UX research

Change is inevitable in every aspect of life. I focus on understanding people’s needs in an ever-changing world and creative discovery of solutions to meet those needs. By staying curious, I make sure the products I design are constantly improved. Better products, happier users and higher conversion.

Leadership & Group dynamics

Not only do I want the best end result, I also care for the people I work with. With my background in leadership, group dynamics and self-reflection I contribute to effectiveness and productivity of the team. It enables my co-workers to reflect, learn and take their skills to the next level.

What people say about me

I’m humbled and thankful

“Left brain dominance, right brain dominance that's no question for Simon. He always uses the whole. When creativity meets, logic it is a joy to work with Simon.”

Henny JansenCreative Director Digital @ Lukkien

“By creating various, very graphic, user experience maps he gave us a lot of insights of where we should put our focus. He always puts the end-user first and does some excellent stakeholder management.”

Cyril SnijdersProduct owner @ KRO-NCRV

“This amazing guy has the analytic gift, creative talents and social skills to help you connect the needs of your customers to your business goals and culture.”

Stephan KleianLead Experience Design Strategist @ Lukkien


Each industry needs its own approach and has his own users, trends and opportunities. I have experience with working in all sorts of industries to create better experiences through design. Whether it is a promising startup or an established global brand, the same level of detail and quality is required.





Food & Consumer goods

Banking & Finance




Ready to get going?

I’m happy to create solutions that work for your business and users. Feel free to send me a message!