To strengthen their brand, health insurance company Zilveren Kruis launched a national campaign to make people more aware of their behavior regarding their health. A great way to show how small things can make a big difference. Greenberry was asked to design a tool to support this campaign, which would also serve as the first step towards a sustainable eco-system around health for Zilveren Kruis.

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Senior UX Designer

Zilveren Kruis



A few simple steps

Based on 6 themes, users will answer questions about their mental and physical health. The overall flow is divided into three main steps:


How do you feel?

In 5 questions, the user is asked to rate their current state of mind.

What are you already doing?

In 30 questions (5 per theme), the user is asked to rate their current behaviour like sleep, exercise, relaxation and nutrition on a 5 point Likert scale

The total picture

Based on previous given answers, the tool shows a ‘total score’ together with tips to improve your health.

Good UX’er, nice team member. Is critical of the assignment, the work of the team and his own work, which leads to better solutions for both the client and the user. An additional advantage is that he is also quick and sympathetic.

Sebastiaan Bode — Strategy Lead @ Greenberry

Engaging interaction

Since the web app would consist of 35 questions, we needed to find a way to make it fun and engaging to fill in. To give a reliable score, all questions use a Likert scale. With each step in the scale, the illustration will adjust accordingly.

Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck
Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck

Clear progress

By incorporating a progress bar and clear in-between steps, we made to sure to provide the user with clear feedback and feedforward when using the web app.

Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck
Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck

Come back later

To prevent a big drop-off, we chose to offer the user to come back at a later time to finish the check. By simply leaving an email address, users will receive a link that enables them to continue right where they left off.

Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck
Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck

More than just a score

Based on the answers within each theme, the result shows clearly which things could be improved. But it doesn’t stop there. Zilveren Kruis also offers relevant and actionable content to improve your health based on the themes you’ve selected. 

Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck
Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck
Zilveren Kruis - TotaalCheck

National campaign & content

Creating impact

The campaign – developed by Dawn – was rolled out on TV, radio and on social media with the help of agency Yune. Amp.Amsterdam was responsible for the sonic brand identity.


Juul van den Hoogen
Alain Dujardin

UX Design
Simon van Acht

Creative direction
Alain Dujardin

Art direction
Martin van Teylingen

Visual design & Animations
Giel Blankestijn
Oscar Kuipers

Project management
Julian Bode

Zilveren Kruis